Server Configuration

We’ve documented most details relating to how we built our servers. This serves (a) as a reference for ongoing maintenance, (b) a training resource for anyone wanting to learn more about LAMP servers, and (c) a way for others to provide feedback on our server architectures.


Of course, these guides are provided without warranty.

If you find errors, omissions, typos, or other problems, or otherwise want to make a suggestion, please file a bug report on Phabricator.

Server Config Index



  • Bryan Anders: Jenkins & Tomcat setup.

  • Jeff “Hawk” Clark: Building the server machine.

  • Chris “Fox” Frasier: 2014 build support, 2016 build support.

  • Jared Hutton: Penetration testing.

  • Jason C. McDonald: Setup lead, server maintenance.

Thank Yous

We’ve been helped by a whole lot of lovely people in configuring the servers and solving problems.

  • AtomicSpark (#ubuntu-offtopic): Unexpected security advice, help with HTML5, CSS, server configuration.

  • avivey (#phabricator): Phabricator and SSL troubleshooting.

  • big_t (#ubuntu-offtopic): Referred us to Linode.

  • csutherl (#tomcat): eHour & Tomcat setup. (No longer in use.)

  • kerframil (#bash): A critical piece of Perl code for the OpenDKIM renewal script.

  • noteirak (#vbox): Jenkins VM build agent setup, Apache troubleshooting.

  • Peng (#letsencrypt): SSL certificate technical support.

  • phunyguy (#ubuntu-offtopic): Postfix/Dovecot advice.

  • rfleming (#ubuntu-offtopic): For tireless debugging help in getting Postfix/Dovecot working.

  • SCHAPiE (#ubuntu-offtopic): For fixing the OpenDKIM configuration.

  • whitenoise (#letsencrypt): SSL certificate setup; originally pointing us to Let’s Encrypt for certs.

“Very special thanks to Kevin at PC Parts and Service for his stellar, ongoing technical advice! You’ve saved my hide more times than I can count.” -Jason