Geany is a lightweight text and code editor, and is one of our officially recommended editors.


Geany is a FOSS multi-language text and code editor. It aims for simplicity and ease-of-use.

Installing on Linux

If you’re on Ubuntu, you can just install via…

$ sudo apt install geany geany-plugins

Geany is available from the official package repositories for many other Linux distros.

Installing on Mac

You can download the official DMG for Geany and its plugins from

Installing on Windows

You can download the official Windows installer for Geany and its plugins from

Adding Themes to Geany


These instructions only work on Mac and Linux.

I don’t know about you, but I hate working with black-text-on-white-background. Thankfully, with Geany, you don’t have to!

To install additional themes, first make sure you have Geany already closed completely.

Go to the geany-themes project on GitHub. Just above the list of files, towards the right, click Download ZIP. Save that in your Home folder.

In your file browser, extract the ZIP file. In Ubuntu, you can do that by right-clicking the file and clicking Extract Here. That should have created a new folder called geany-themes-master in your Home folder.

Open up a Terminal and run the following command…

$ ~/geany-themes-master/

That will report if it runs successfully.

Now, restart Geany. Go to ViewChange Color Scheme… and select a color scheme that you like. Click Close when you’re happy with your selection.

Finally, in your file browser, delete the geany-themes-master folder out of your Home folder.